Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to Get Motivated to Clean Your House

Want to know how to get motivated to clean your entire house? Throw a party! Seriously, it's like a kick-in-the-butt jump start to cleaning.
Here's what I'll title "Calm Before the Storm"- aka pre-rescheduled family Christmas party where we stuffed 40+ family members in our little house.

I don't think I ever shared our kitchen backsplash either. Or maybe I did. Either way, our kitchen has never been this clean.
It was fun while it lasted. Here's a couple pictures I took during the party. Bingo is a family tradition- that's why everyone's hunkered down over their cards. 
We also had a little snow ball fight action. My daughter got creamed in the face, poor thing. 
 And what party is complete without some "paint face" as Taliila likes to call it. 

 Plus, I finally took pics of all the furniture in our garage that's for sale. Yay for feeling accomplished! Maybe I'll even get around to redoing some of these pieces. Or you can buy them and send me pics of them redone. :)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Having a Whale of a Time Painting on Glass

Three things you need to know about me:
1. I'm not a collector.
2. I get SADD in the winter.
3. I like to paint things.
With that said, I seem to have this weird (not-so-weird?) collection of whales growing. I had this old glass window laying around that seemed like the perfect medium for a project. What I discovered:
1. painting helps ward off those evil winter time blues, and
2. glass is really fun to paint on.
I had a dream about an orca whale the previous night, and I love this quirky painting at the children's museum, by Jay Ryan:
I hope my sad attempt to copy this painting isn't some sort of copyright infringement. If it is, I'll take this down, but for now consider this the highest form of flattery Mr. Ryan. 

So here's what I figured out when painting on glass:

 If you mess up you can wipe it off and start over,  but once your first layer of paint is dry, it will always show through on the other side.

 I realized this when I covered some "ripples" in the water I painted on this side, and then turned it over, only to find those sneaky ripples still there. 

Observe: front side, no ripples and the paint has lots of texture.
 Back side: very smooth and glossy, with ripples in the water. 
Here's Taliila painting the glass of and old frame. 

My little artist. 

Another thing I think would be fun to try is painting a chalkboard on an old piece of glass. It'd be such a smooth backdrop- I feel like the chalk would just glide over it. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Real Estate Monday: Forest Hills

I haven't done a REM post in a while. Let's see how rusty I am.
This house is one of my favorite styles in Pittsburgh- the Frank Lloyd Wright style. Perfect for showcasing some cool mid century modern furniture. I've actually been in this house a couple years ago, and I find it adorable and quite affordable. Listed for $139,900 is a 3 bed, 2 bath home. Let me know if you'd like to see it in person.

136 Fairfax Rd,Pittsburgh, PA 15221 

Not a very telling picture of the front, but there's a massive deck for some great outdoor living on the front of the house. 

 I love BIG windows! And exposed brick... what a fun living space. 
 The living room flows around to the dining room and kitchen. 

 A kitschy, little powder room with some awesome 70's wall paper. 

  Not a bad master bath for a smaller home. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

How To Do a Collage Wall

I'm kind of a sucker for hanging my art in a collage-like fashion. This trend has been great for me because my house has very little wall space (lots of doors and pass-throughs) and I have a lot of meaningful art I want to display. 
There are a lot of helpful tricks to the trade out there. One good one is laying everything out on the floor so you get an idea of where you want to place your pictures. 
 As you can see, I switched it around a bit once I started putting them up on the wall. 

 More frequently, I just start slightly off center with a focal point, and then build around it. I like adding different textures and types of media to keep things interesting. A lot of my art work is done by family members, or items I've repurposed. Mirrors are also great add-ins and bring light into dark spaces. 
Really there's no rhyme or reason, but I try to keep everything close together so it looks like it's part of a whole. Items hung too far apart lose their collage effect. Make sense? 
The best part is, I can switch pictures in and out of the configuration for a quick change. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Graffiti Art Dresser

Taliila (my 4 yr. old) and I painted this dresser back in the fall, and I'm just now getting to blog about it. Story of my life right now. This was a super-fun project to do and perfect for kids of any age.
First, we found a wooden dresser on Craigslist. Nothing special about it, and it was sort of beat up, which was perfect for redoing. I gave the fronts of the drawers a light sand just to get the grime off.
Next, I made my own chalk paint. This is super easy and costs much less than buying it at a specialty store. I let Taliila pick out a bunch of colors and had the paint guy at Lowes make me little samples of each of them. A little bit of chalk paint goes a long way, so you really only need those small sample sizes anyways. 

I had her paint the fronts any way she liked, but had to encourage her not to mix the colors too much. Her tendency was to keep mixing until the colors turned brown. 

I taught her how to splatter the paint across the drawers. Our driveway took quite the beating. 

I ended up doing the shell of the dresser, just keeping the design loose. 

 Voila. A simple weekend project and a colorful dresser for my daughter's room. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why I Fluff the Pillows on My Sofa...Every night.

My life has been crazy lately. Like CRAZY, CRAZY. I went in for a quick surgery right before Christmas- had a little post-pregnancy complication, nothing major, but still scary. Then my husband had to top me with an emergency back surgery Christmas day! Who does that? Us.
Anyways, I now have a newborn, an (almost) four year old, and a husband who can't lift more than ten pounds (our baby is now a whopping 13.5 lbs!!!). My kitchen is constantly a disaster, right in line with the rest of my house. I get around to it eventually. But the one thing I feel like I can control with ease is the way my couch looks. That's why I fluff the pillows every night. And call me crazy, but I think it actually makes me feel calm and happy to do so. Somehow, even when the rest of the room is chaotic, when I straighten up the sofa, it ties the room together- makes it warm and inviting.
And now I sit on my comfy couch with a glass of wine and write this blog post to you. This is a very rare occasion indeed.

Here's a fun post about why you should make your bed everyday. I concur. Although, I don't always get around to it... baby steps.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Welcome Little Gus!

You'll have to forgive me, it's been a busy couple of weeks, but without further adieu I give you Script Fonts
Script Fonts

Script Fonts

He had a rough start in the NICU, but after a week of tests, thousands of prayers from faithful friends, and lots of visitors, he got to come home! He's our little miracle baby- the doctors could find nothing wrong with him after what looked like seizures, and possible heart problems in the beginning. We're so grateful he's home, and such a snugly, happy baby.

Script Fonts

Supposedly, the name Gus is getting some attention with the acting world, but the story behind why we chose the name starts with our daughter Taliila and this book:
Boy names proved to be super hard for us to agree upon, and with Taliila's name being so special, I felt guilty not having a similar story behind our boy's name. One day I was reading this book and Taliila goes, "Why don't we call our baby Gus?" I thought it was cute, so I obliged for the fun of it, never thinking it would stick. But the longer we went without agreeing upon a replacement name, the more he became known as "Gus" and it just didn't seem right to change it.
The book is about a cat that shows up at this little girl's house and she calls him Gus. The ironic thing is that our Gus makes these purring sounds similar to a cat when he sleeps. It's so stinking cute. 
Tony and I brainstormed longer versions of the name (Gusto, Augustus, August, Augustine, etc) and agreed on Gustin- I've never heard anyone named that before, but it just sounded right. Forrest is a family tradition- all the first born males in my husband's family have Forrest as their middle name. Luckily I like it. So Gustin Forrest it is.
I haven't gotten much done since he's been home, but that's the way it goes, I guess.

Script Fonts

p.s. Gustin's nursery, in case you missed it. 


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