Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sign Me Up.

Looks like I'm getting closer to getting a sign for the outside. Initially I was going for a script as my font-- something slightly formal, yet still a bit playful. As it turns out, all the fonts I liked in that category were too skinny to be made into a sign. Little did I know the width of the letter mattered, but lo and behold it does, my friends. Therefore, after much searching, Tony (my husband) and I decided on this*:

It will be an unlit sign (although there are two outdoor lights that hang above it), and will be made of metal. I prefer the industrial look over the plastic look, and I feel like it jives with the vibe I'm going for. Not to play favorites, but I also really like the letter "n" in this font. It looks like a flag flying over the word "nation"-- how perfect! So there you have it. And hopefully I will have it soon...
*I replaced the previous image w/ this photo b/c it was brought to my attention that the previous one wouldn't load...let me know if there are any problems seeing this one.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I LOVE this sign, Jordan! Perfect for the neighborhood, perfect for what the space is for - you definitely have the touch, girl!



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