Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh Dear.

We're now on Day 6 of key possession (got the keys to the shop Wednesday), and let me just say to all you Morrowfield residents a big SORRY for the fire alarm a few days ago. Let me explain. In pictures.
Man Meets Wall

"Man Meets Wall"- my dad titled this picture, I think very appropriately. As you can see, my husband is attempting to saw through a six inch wall, when he then realized the wall was made of cement. (Disclaimer: we had at least 3 other maintenance men come look at the wall before attempting to cut. Not one guessed it was made of cement). No problem. We'll just get a saw that's made to cut through it.
This led to a massive amount of dust so thick I could barely see my husband or my dad (wish I was smart enough to get a picture of this). Which then set of the fire alarm for the entire building. Which just happens to be an entire city block long. I walked out of the shop to see cribs filled with babies from the daycare down the street being pushed outside. So sorry for the fire drill little ones! At least we know it works! And I promise, it won't happen again. Lesson learned.

Final Product: a beautiful Maple and glass door. 
Color: Lowe's Olympic Paint- Elephant Gray
 I was extremely overwhelmed with the amount of dust caked on my floors/walls, but I'm pretty ecstatic about the final result. Oh, and the color. I was totally going for a lighter gray, but paint is ALWAYS different once you get it on your walls. I'm notorious for painting a wall seven times over before finding a color I'm happy with. Even though this turned out more purple-y than hoped for, I'm okay with it. So it stays.

Sunday, we got the furniture all thrown in. "Thrown" being the key word. It's all stashed in the middle of the store since we're (sadly) not done painting. Now I have to arrange and price it all. And that, my friends, I'm afraid might take me ages. Especially with this little stink pot. Because who can deny a face like that?


  1. It looks like it's going to be a great space Jordo! I hope it continues to work out well for you! =) And your daughter is beautiful!

  2. So much fun! I love the paint color and the stories. Ben came over and told me the store was ready to go, but I had my doubts - just seemed too easy!
    Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Thanks, mego! Yeah, Shannon, def not ready. I'll have to take another picture of it with all the furniture in it, except it's not very flattering for the furniture:)

  4. It looks great Jord!!! Nice work everybody. The paint line is so true. You paint more than any person I know. Thanks for the updates.



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