Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farm Funk.

I clearly was having writer's block when coming up with a title for this post. But really, I'm stuck on this farm table look. I love it. I can't get enough of it. I just hope you feel the same way. 
Introducing the "mini farm table"

Also, his first cousin, the "medium size farm table/desk" 

On a completely different note, some gentleman came in this evening asking if we had a hall tree. 
Why how funny that you ask, sir! 
This is what I showed him: 

"Hall Tree"
I think it'd make a great hall tree. Throw some coats on it. Hang a scarf, or two. An umbrella. And, voila, a more literal approach to a hall tree. He considered it. I saw that look in his eyes. 

Don't forget to check the inventory tab for more new furniture. Although I'm sure I'll end up writing about the other pieces we got in at some point. 

For your further entertainment, you can check out my friend Lisa's blog Making Home Homemade for an excerpt I did on going to auctions. Lisa is a very talented graphic designer in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has an adorable blog that tracks all kinds of adventures from owning/ decorating a home, to featuring different guest bloggers on all kinds of specialty topics.

Oh, and since I have such luck at getting someone to hang my sign (really no luck at all), I got this fancy little flag. 

Hopefully it'll help you identify the store a little easier. 

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