Friday, September 9, 2011

Ikea. Like or Gripe?

T's first time in the front of the cart. She loved it! 

I went to Ikea yesterday. I know, gasp, Jordan went to Ikea, how could she? That's what you're thinking, right? 
Well, folks I have to admit I still like the place for what it is. El cheapo. My brother just moved out of our house and I have a whole new room to redecorate.  Ikea's the only place I can find curtains that are 96 inches long and not over $100. In fact, mine were under $15 for two panels. The only place cheaper than that is at my store. However, the only panels I have for sale are red and gold striped (just not in my gray and yellow color scheme, darn).  
On a different note, my husband did, in fact, save the day a few days ago. The poor shop was looking oh so bare and rather picked over. But now it's packed with lots of goodies. Here are a few pictures of what he got. I must say he's getting good at the shopping. 

Tree Top Table $140
Teak Lounge Chair $150
Buffet $210

Cedar Chest $110
Retro Wood End Table $50

Check out the inventory tab for more updates on furniture in the shop! 

T's new toy from Ikea wiped her out! 


  1. Although I have not yet been into your actual land address store, i have browsed it many times in my mind with aid from the beautiful pictures you have provided on your blog. I personally think it's great to be creative enough to spot these gems while you are out and about but also have the flexible and open-mind to fill in gaps with whatever you find, be it at ikea or target. Plus it's more realistic for those customers, trying to take what they see in your store and the energy that comes with it and make that come alive in their own home, to realize that you yourself have ikea items in your own home. 9-5er's don't have the time to hand pick each item in their home but they can score a few signature pieces from your shop and fill in the gaps with a combination of what they have or some classic pieces from ikea. One thing that is so great about it is that you are really delivering the message that all are welcome. I guess it really just depends on the market you are trying to reach and where you want your business to go with them in mind.

    Oh and baby T is too cute!!

  2. So true, Kell, so true. And I really do want that to be apparent, that you can mix and match all styles and still have it look cohesive.



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