Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Settees and Vanities.

Now you're gonna kill me because I'm blogging about two things that have already sold, but I'd like to get your opinion on the matter. 
Settee(s) and Vanities. 
I thought for a split second that these two might be things of the past. 
But I just went ahead and bought them because they were so darn cute, and in such good condition. Honestly, I even took the mirror off the vanity thinking no one uses vanities anymore. I was going to list it as a desk, until someone asked if it was a vanity and if they could buy it. 
Why, yes it is! 
And then, dear Sorah walks in from the card store a couple doors down, all excited by the Settee sitting in the window. 
I hated telling her it was already sold. 
So am I wrong to go looking for more settees and/or vanities? 
And how the heck do you spell the plural form of settee in the first place?
Someone help a girl out! 

Here's a little summary of everything newly brought in since this weekend:
a lovely sofa
bamboo coffee table
pottery barn vanity mirror
shabby chic dresser
cutesy little lamp
wicker pub table and stools
Please see the inventory page for pictures and prices. 

1 comment:

  1. I currently use (and love) my vanity (nothing like sitting on a cute stool in front of a big mirror to get ready in the morning)... and I LOVE Settees - although I have NO room for one in my house. :) I think having one in your store every now and then would definitely be a good thing! :)



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