Friday, October 21, 2011

Freezing Paint.

Hi friends. Just in case you were wondering, paint gets cold in this kind of weather, too. Yesterday was my "day off". Grandpa had the baby, and I was bound to tackle the multitude of furniture in my garage that were begging for a new life. Or was that my husband begging for his garage back? Either way, I set out to paint...and paint I did. Now I'm just waiting for it all to dry. Which probably means I'll be waiting for a while because it's still cold and rainy out today, and our garage sadly isn't heated.
Side note: I skipped over to Anthropologie today. They have some amazing deals on hardware. Here are a few I scored today for just $2.95 each. Can you believe it? That's cheaper than the Depot. And way cuter.
Verawood Knob, White
Dayflower Knob
Morning Glory Knob
New hardware makes any old piece of furniture look new and fresh. It's a really inexpensive way to get a quick change, if you're not into the repainting thing. 
Here's a peak at one of the pieces I'm refinishing. 
Sanding phase. 
I'm thinking of ordering something like these handles  for the buffet above. I painted it a gray blue and left the top its natural wood color. I'm just not sure what look I want to go for with the hardware. I would have just recycled the old ones, but some are missing. Any thoughts? 
Zinnia Handle - Antique Brass

Remember when I said I almost always seem to get paint on the driveway? Here's another glorious example of that. One of my paint cans rolled and splattered. Thankfully this was outside and I could just wash it all away! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and be sure to come check out our new inventory. 

p.s. don't forget about the 15% off deal from the last post. . You have until the end of October. Only one person's come close so far. I gave it to her for partial correctness! Enjoy that desk and those stools! 

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