Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome to the Family.

Welcome to the Redesignation fam little retro bench. I liked you so much, that I took you home off the streets and gave you a new outfit, and a new chance in life. My only regret is not taking a before picture. When will I learn? 

We received another new addition to this family. 
An adorable little kitten.

Hey, have you guys looked up yet? No, not up in the air. I should have been more specific, I guess. Have you looked at the new "re-inspire" tab at the top of the blog? It's right next to the inventory tab. So go ahead, click on it. Hopefully I've peeked somebody's curiosity. 
Just remember. Curiosity killed the cat. A saying which has nothing to do with the tab I want you to look at, and everything to do with the fact that I'm looking at a picture of my daughter in a cat costume in a fake tree. 
Oh man. 
Hope to see you soon! 
Like tomorrow at 11am. 
Till 6 pm. 

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