Friday, October 14, 2011

Who's This Guy?

Our small group partakes in a white elephant gift exchange for Christmas. The rules are: each couple spends no more than $5 on the tackiest thing you can find, and the couple who "picks" the gift must keep it on display in a visible living area of their house for an entire year! Let me show you what we were so blessed to unwrap last year...
See that circular frame sitting oh-so-strategically on our bookshelf in our living room? That's Sloth from the Goonies. Not so bad, right? Anyways, we came across this little guy (in the top picture) at Rossi's Pop-up Flea Market  and knew we had a winner. The only problem is my husband's unwillingness to keep it a secret (we'll see how many of you in our small group actually read my blog). So here's the deal. If you know his name (yes, this ugly thing has a name, probably the coolest thing about it) then I'll give you 15% any one item in my shop. Offer stands till the end of the month, and only one discount per family. Just come on in and tell me his name. It's that simple! Onto the real reason why you came here. Our store has a new look yet again. It's been a crazy week of getting new items in, but they're here at last, and that's the important thing!
Let's take a sneak peak, shall we?
Server from the 1800's
Look at all that gorgeous detail! 

Tiger-Striped Oak Bar $1200
(free delivery within a 15 mile radius) 

Wouldn't this be awesome in a kitchen?
Stools now $75 each

Glass Table/Wicker Chair Set $200
8 x 10 Wool Rug $170

Yellow Pine Shaker style Server

 I'll post some more pictures later...till then, you start thinking about who that little guy could be up top.

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