Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Desk Down.

I wasn't in the shop yesterday when it sold (doctors appt. for baby T), but to the girls who bought the little green desk (and for those who liked it, but didn't buy it) I just wanted to share this little tutorial:

There's a whole post on Design Sponge dedicated to refinishing boring old desks and turning them in to something wonderful, like this one, and not unlike the green one we sold yesterday. If you've always wanted to redo a desk, D*Sponge gives complete directions. Or you can just keep your eyes peeled for more desks here at Redesignation.

Also, on the horizon is a new chalkboard wall that I'd like to use for you as a wish list. Feel free to write on it...when it's finished, that is.
p.s. If you're going to use chalk paint, don't wear a nice shirt and skirt :) It's super runny! 


  1. they also make chalkboard paint spray paint... we once sprayed my brother's old truck with it.... coolest vehicle ever.

  2. That's amazing and crazy at the same time! Every time it rained he'd get a clean slate!



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