Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home for the Holidays.

Yeah, I said it. Holidays. Christmas. Hanukkah. Are you ready? I don't know if I am. But ready or not, they're here!
Why not celebrate your loved ones by giving them some of the best gifts to decorate your home? Nothing says Merry Christmas like a couch, right? Ok, you got me, maybe not a couch, but here are a few ideas that might be a fun to open on Christmas day, or just good to have around for the holidays:
First of all, do you have a beautiful crystal punch bowl? We do. Complete with 12 little glasses. Now who's making the egg nog?
How 'bout a Sassafras Rocking Chair for dad? We have two. Why not knock mom and dad's gift out in one swing?

Or maybe your mom would prefer this luscious camel colored wing back. Yeah. That'll do just fine. Might be a little hard to wrap though.
How about a vintage, bubble gum pink vanity for your teenage daughter? No more fighting to get ready in the bathroom with this beauty. She'll gladly go right to her room.
Some smaller items, you say? Well how about some vintage, mid century modern cocktail shakers? Don't forget the Fred Press glasses to go with it. We have lots of beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art, for those art lovers out there. You're bound to find something fun for that hard-to-gift person. So come on in and check out our neat and ever changing inventory. And don't forget to answer our trivia question for an extra 10% off. Happy Shopping! 

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