Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Downton Abbey

The curse of running a furniture business is that I can't help but notice other people's furniture. I don't judge, I swear, I just "notice". And slightly obsess. We don't have cable in the Deane household, but we do have Netflix, and our newest obsession is Downton Abbey. 
If you haven't seen it yet, you must! I love time period pieces, and this is one of my favorite series I've ever seen. The accents. The clothes. The mannerisms. I love it all, but one thing that highly peeks my interest is obviously the furniture. It's so interesting to me the dichotomy between the upper class and the servants. It's displayed in every way right down to the dresser they store their clothes in. The funny thing is that the furniture in the servants' quarters is what has been coined the ever-so-popular "shabby chic". Where as, the lavish furniture in the rest of the house is stuff we find more "dated". Interesting how times and trends change, isn't it? My mom used to have this long brown velour sofa and two accent chairs in the living room covered in this beige and orange floral 70's polyester-type fabric. The only photo I can seem to dig up to prove the ridiculousness of these chairs happen to be extremely incriminating of a certain 13 yr old someone.   I wonder what my daughter will look back on of mine only to think, "what the heck were you thinking?"
Only time will tell... 

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