Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where's Busy Bee?

I've been kind of a busy bee lately, which happens to be T's favorite animal noise currently. That'll probably change in a week.
Anyways, I've started painting pieces in the shop, instead of at home so the back room is currently serving as my "work" space. This has kinda been perfect seeing as I'm here like 30 hours every week. When I'm home I usually chicken out of refinishing furniture since I have to do it outside in the cold. Except these past couple days I've been working on this piece in my kitchen. Yeah, you read that right, my kitchen. A bit ridiculous, but it worked. And I only managed to drip paint on our rug three times (a major accomplishment)!  I did sand it outside without further ado I present the Lions head cabinet. 
This was a fairly old mahogany cabinet, I'm guessing at least from the 40's since is has brass feet. It had seen better days, as I imagine it was probably sitting in some grandma's basement for a while forgotten. Until one day I came along and gladly scooped it up. I whipped out a sander, some paint, and polished it up a bit. I was kind of inspired by this piece.
from the Little Green Notebook

But I settled with a color I already had that was close. 

I'm kind of obsessed with the lions head hardware. Aren't they cool? 

And since I can't resist a coat with pretty lining, I figured why would a cabinet be any different? 
It's like an apple green surprise when you open it up. Yum. 

Here are some other newbies I've been working on. 

And I'm also currently painting a old Diebold steel filing cabinet. Perfect for storing tools or crafts in the basement, but pretty enough to have in an office. Pictures to come shortly. Have a great rest of the week. 

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