Friday, March 30, 2012

Pillow Power: a before & after story.

Some of you might already know about the wonderful salon going in next store. And if you don't, well considered yourself informed. I really heart these girls, and they're going all out on this place. I've had the pleasure of watching their space transform before my very eyes. They've chosen to {re}purpose items and give them new life-- bleachers and old doors have been made into the reception desk, tree trunks are now end tables and a coffee table, and lots of love was put into some old metal cabinets which now function as their stations. The only thing they were slightly unsure about was their sofa. Behold exhibit a). A classic, mid-century modern piece, with beautiful lines, perfectly placed buttons, and exposed wood on the arms and feet. I can see what they originally saw in this. In attempt to freshen it up a bit, they reupholstered the cushions in a dark-green velvet, yet it still wasn't the look they were going for. I was more than willing to sell it for them, but I wanted to try sprucing it up with some pillows first.

Exhibit b) Funky pillows galore. Now instead of a very stark couch, we have a warm and inviting place to sit. So next time you feel like starting completely over, remember pillows can add a dramatic finishing touch that will give you that finished look you're going for.  

 Tips: Mix and match patterns and textures to avoid a cookie-cutter look. The giraffe pillows are velour and really serve as an anchor to this couch. I chose brown to tie into the wood colors. The floral pillows add that pop of color, pulling from both the mustard behind and the green cushions below. The material on the single pillow in the middle is almost like a burlap sack (which I've been slightly obsessing over lately). It has strings of green stitched on the vertical giving us another pattern that's elegant, yet simple.

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