Sunday, May 6, 2012

Expanding Your Pallet.

Why, oh why did I not think of this when we were looking for platform beds earlier last year?
Especially since we (literally) have a pile of them on our brick patio, just begging to be creatively used. Don't be surprised if they wind up in the store. If I can't use them, maybe somebody else will enjoy them. And doesn't this room look so francaise with that low profile headboard, that moody wall color, and that little bike on the side? I just want to crawl right into that bed and sleep forever.
Also, the shop's expanding its palate by adding vintage jewelry to the mix. Soon the back room will be filled with all sorts of treasures (brought to you by a woman named Dev Meyers). Here's a sneak peak at some of her fun copper necklaces. I'll be posting more pics of her inventory soon so stay tuned.

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