Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cottage Chic

Well, we (semi) finished my daughter's new room. Spurred on by my parent's visit, and needing an extra guest bed since my sister-in-law moved in, we kicked it into high gear and went for it. Why people don't use the term "stubborn as wallpaper", I'll never know, but I'm coining it now. I bought this self-adhesive wall paper from Urban Outfitters (I am in no way getting paid to advertise this) and as it turns out I did NOT miss my calling to be a professional wallpaper. In fact, I might venture to say this was harder than giving birth to my daughter! However, with a lot of sweat (darn 98 degree weather) and perseverance, I think the end result was worth it. Here are some before and after shots. I think it hardly looks like the same room.
Outdated wallpaper and wood paneling made this room look dark and scary.
We ended up plastering over the whole wall. Probably would have been just as easy to remove the wallpaper.

If you do decide to wallpaper a room for yourself, I recommend a sharp exacto knife and starting in an inconspicuous spot.  
A fresh coat of primer + paint really lightened up the room.

This was an old baby dresser I redid a while ago. I think I might repaint the white part a vibrant turquoise or yellow. Something that pops against all that white paneling. 

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  1. Great job! And the dresser would look great painted a bright color!



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