Thursday, July 12, 2012

Seeking {Mid Century} Simplicity.

I crave simplicity in everything I do, right down to the way I decorate. That's why I'm in love with a couple of mid century modern pieces we just got in the shop. They're simply gorgeous pieces. Here's a walnut credenza which could double as a triple dresser, and a matching tallboy (that can also be split into two pieces if you wanted to get creative and use the top piece as a night stand). This credenza was the HEAVIEST piece of furniture I've yet to come across in the whole year I've been at the shop! Bless you, poor passerby-er on the sidewalk  who stopped to help us get this in the store. All this to say it was definitely built to last. And just look at that beautiful, brass hardware (which also adorns the feet, too).

$700/set or $400 each
 Next on the list is a bedroom set made by Kent Coffey. This is a company I've enjoyed researching as it seems so many people have found a new love in an old brand. With cool lines and smooth hardware, it's easy to see why. Founded in the early 1900's by Harold Coffey in North Carolina, he sought to manufacture quality pieces at a reasonable price so the "average consumer" could afford it. This set is from The Tableau collection. In it comes a nightstand, full-sized headboard, highboy dresser, lowboy dresser, and a breathtaking desk and chair combo. Pick and choose your favorites or buy it all for 15% off the total.

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