Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hi guys! We're back from our vacation. Cruise ships are incredible! I gained 5lbs the second I walked on the ship.
No, I didn't get a face-lift, but my blog did. And so did our store hours, so take note. We're back to opening on Tuesdays.
Here are our new hours:
Tuesday-Thursday 12-5pm
Friday-Saturday 11-4pm
or by appointment
As far as the blog goes, the inventory tab is now different. Instead of searching through one tab, I broke it up into three. One for seating, such as sofas and chairs. One for tables and desks. One for storage items, and one for lighting. I might add an art and accessories tab in the future, but for now four new tabs was enough work. Hopefully it's easier for you to locate what you're looking for. 
Have a happy weekend! 

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