Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Patience Please

Have you ever tried teaching a one and a half year old patience? It's pretty difficult. Especially in a store setting where mama's busy helping someone and waiting is just not an option for a little one. Some of you have experienced these meltdowns from your own little ones. Some of you might have experienced one from mine, too. Well, I've finally decided to make the switch real this time. November 29th is our move out date. Whether someone else is moving in or not, we're gone. If you're just joining me on this blog, welcome. Sorry for any confusion. We're currently a store in Squirrel Hill, but soon to be moving to our new location in Wilkinsburg (see postcard below). Once there, we'll have everything posted online, and you can pick a time that's convenient for you to come and view it. 

Actual Postcard

Let's recap and look at the progress that's been made. We still have quite a ways to go, but I'm confident it'll be gorgeous come December. 
Rotten wood from the ceilings and basement
Back in the demolition days

A lot of plaster work on the ceiling. Fresh paint on the window trim and columns.

The basement's been rid of mold, dry-locked, and looks ten times better. We've put in and repainted a bathroom (yay for using leftover tiles from an old house renovation we did years ago!). More pictures to come. 
The ceilings have no more holes in them. I attacked the ugly gold columns the other day with fresh white primer. Next on the list, a painting party where we completely say goodbye to the gold and purple on the beams and say hello to more soothing colors. I choose Garden Sage from the Amazon Recyclable paint selection they sell at Construction Junction. Side note: I used this paint to redo a bathroom in the icy blue color and after adding a bit of white to the paint I loved the color and how well it applied to the walls.   
Some of you have seen things in the church pictures you've wanted to see in person...if that's you, feel free to make an appointment to see them. 
Until then, our store in Sq. Hill is up and running as usual. We have lots of great dining room/ kitchen  sets in just in time for the holidays. 
Thanks for being patient with me through all this talk of moving. I'm excited to see this store go through its next stage of life, and I think it'll allow for more creative, authentic pieces to be produced on my end. See you soon. 

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