Friday, December 14, 2012

Nancy Drew & the Custom Dresser

As I was sanding one of the retro blonde dressers down, prepping it to be blue for a baby nursery, a little piece of paper all folded up fell out from under a drawer. 

At first, I thought it was just a page ripped out of a book- it's a small piece of paper, typed like an old school novel. Upon second  glance, I realized it's a real Pittsburgh address, to a company that still exists, with a real license #. A key to its past life. It reads: 
Case 107 1:00 P.M. Saturday
Subject wears glasses
Drives a red 1940 Oldsmobile Club Coupe. Sun Visor
License - D6886 - DC88C (corrected in ink)
Employed by Wm. Colteryahn Milk Co.
1912 Jane Street
South Side, Pgh., Pa. 
Parks car on Jane Street
Find out where he goes when he leaves work at 1 P.M. 

I wonder if they ever found out where "suspect" goes after work. Was there a secret love affair with the milk man? Was he a friend or relative to the dresser owner? My Nancy Drew instincts kick in and my imagination runs wild. 
I finished the dresser, put the paper in a plastic bag, and tried my best to research the note to no avail. So I decided to blog about it. See what the outer realms of cyber life could come up with.
Here's the dresser in blue and its sister in white, complete with a pink peony on top. They'll go on to lead new lives with new owners- a young boy and girl who will fill them with new secrets to, perhaps, be discovered later by another generation. 

p.s. Along with the new location, I'm concentrating more on customizing pieces. If you have a special piece in mind that you're looking for, I can work with you on finding and creating that with you. Just shoot me an email at  and we'll go from there. 

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