Monday, April 22, 2013

Real Estate Monday: HGTV Smart Home

I'm down in Jacksonville, Fl this week visiting my parents, and the HGTV Smart Home just happens to be 15 minutes away from them. We drove by Sunday morning and found out they were giving tours later that day. I was surprised by how many people were there, and I didn't get very many photos because of that. Walking through I heard the same thing come out of everyone's mouth- "This could be my new home". Someone will win it. I'd be pretty ecstatic myself, but I gotta be honest and state what I think everyone else was thinking- it was surprisingly small! I'm talking 10'x12' bedrooms. It was sufficient, sure. Each of the three (yes only three!) bedrooms had their own bathroom, which is more than my house has. But I guess I was expecting bigger for an HGTV Smart Home. Here are some pictures I snapped. I love the beachy color scheme, appropriate for its 5 minute bike ride to the beach. It's located in a neighborhood called Paradise Key that gives off a nature preserve feel. Knowing Florida that means snakes! You can see more pics online of course, but here are the few I took (and a couple I snatched off their website to show you). 
Front view 

Master Bath
Master Bath: This is seriously the size of a bedroom itself.
All the toilets in the house were these awesome computer operated,self-closing toilets. Now if they could replace the toilet paper on the roll, we'd be in business. 

Outdoor Shower: really neat concept, but it's on the garage side of the house, not in the back by the pool like you'd think. 

Outdoor kitchen

2nd Floor Hallway turned loft
They put a tv on the opposing wall, but it's hardly big enough to call it a second family room. 

Beautiful Stairwell

Guest Bedroom
Guest Shower
Beautiful, subway tile in a warm, chocolate brown. 

Dining Room
I LOVE that they put three china cabinets side by side along the wall to create a statement.
The curtains are on a track around the whole space to close off the dining area. This would make for some cozy dinners. 

By far my favorite room in the house. The colors are awesome. It doesn't feel like a cookie cutter kitchen at all.
In the back right corner there's another room for the pantry and the laundry room, plus a back door that leads straight to the outdoor shower, then garage. 

All in all, a beautiful house, of course. I believe there are still 39 days left to enter to win. 

Also, here are a few other pictures of some houses we saw in a new development called Rivertown. It's this adorable, little community right across from the river. They're building new craftsmen style homes from $170k-mid $200k. 

Neat idea for end tables: stained vertical stripes for a rustic modern look. 

The view across from the house. 

The view from upstairs. Look at the detailed columns in the open floor plan.
My favorite part of the kitchen. The breakfast nook with built-in cabinetry. 

Check out the mirror. We have that at Redesignation, too.
Cute little girl's room. 

Isn't it all so warm and inviting? Hope you enjoyed my real estate vacation Monday. We'll be back in the burg for more next week. 


  1. That is so cool that you got to go there!!
    I kinda like that the house is on the small side....nice break from all the cookie-cutter mansions going up nowdays.

    1. I agree, I'm all for practical, and not being excessive. I've always liked smaller bedrooms, and it was refreshing that it wasn't so cookie cutter. BUT it was almost too small to be practical, especially if you have more than one kid, there's only two bedrooms (aside from the master) and no space for any kind of home office, which I thought was weird. Other people in the neighborhood have a finished granny flat above their garage and I think they might have intended to do that because it's a two story garage... maybe they ran out of budget money? Who knows. If I won the house, I'd totally finish it off into a guest bedroom/ office.

  2. In your blog concept of upstairs and open Floor Plans is nice, it shows beautify your home.



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