Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Real Estate Monday: Potpourri

This is a day late and a dollar short...my apologies (because  I'm sure y'all are on the edge of your seats waiting for this). I was packing for our trip to Florida to visit my parents. T and I are getting out of town while it's my husband's busiest season in landscaping. I thought I had the perfect house to share yesterday, like perfect for us to throw our house on the market today and make an offer on perfect. And since the house had only been on the market seven days, I thought I was safe. I called the Realtor and apparently four other people thought it was perfect, too, and came in with four offers for asking price! I congratulated the Realtor and excused myself to sulk. Not really. But I was kind of sad. Here's the listing for that coveted house. It's a duplex, and I like its bones.
I also found a cute, little home in Mt. Lebanon. It's definitely a flip, which I'd be fine with as long as they didn't cut any corners in the remodel. I have no idea about the area its in. Is there even a bad area in Mt. Lebo?  I like the vanity in the bathroom, the fact that it's on a corner lot, and the fireplace. It's small, but looks adequate and clean (that's always a bonus)!
244 Adeline Ave.
And one more for the road- this one is also in Mt. Lebo. It reminds me of a fun lake house cabin. Only two bedroom/two bath, but large rooms all around, and it looks like a finished basement. I think it's a shame they couldn't stage this. I could totally decorate this place in a rustic modern motif and fall. in. love. I promise that's a real design term, even though I like to think I made it up. And look at that backyard... it goes on for miles, and miles. Have a wonderful Monday, I mean, Tuesday :).

985 Pine Ave.

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