Thursday, May 23, 2013

Painting on Fabric

I have this huge Duncan Phyfe dining room set that's in impeccable shape aside from the upholstery on the chairs. I was going to reupholster them (a job that's usually pretty simple), but they have nail-head trim all the way around. The thought of popping off hundreds of nail-heads is NOT my idea of fun. Fabric paint crossed my mind, but I was also curious about how acrylic paint would fare. It's a much cheaper option than buying new fabric, so with nothing to lose, I bought some inexpensive, black acrylic paint and some cheap foam brushes. No frills here. Taliila, my two year old, even got in on the action. I think it turned out pretty nice. The striped design on the fabric still shows through, and now it just looks like it was meant to be a sleek, black fabric. I'm probably going to hand-sand the black paint off the nail-heads to bring the brass accents back. Then I'll rub some Old English furniture polish on the wood, and they should look good as new. *Side note: if you've never used Old English, you should. And once you do, I guarantee you'll be touching up all your wood furniture.
The end result- the fabric is slightly rougher with the paint on it, but I've read a couple places about setting the paint with an iron, and I think this might help with the roughness. I'll let you know either way. But for now, I'm quite please with this so-easy-even-a-two-year-old-can-do-it option.
How about you guys? Have you ever tried fabric paint on your upholstered furniture? Or even acrylic paint? What do you think?

Notice how old/yellowed the fabric is?

I think I'll use painter's tape around the edges of the wood next time.
The paint does wipe off, but it dries super fast so you have to catch it right away. 

Voila! Good as new. 

Already the dedicated painter. 

I think I'm going to get creative with the captain's chairs on the end and paint some classic black and white stripes. We'll see... 
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