Friday, June 7, 2013

June Clearance Sale

Hello summer clearance sale...half the church is now 40% off. 
I don't know if I've ever fully explained this, but our church space is filled with half my stuff (items I buy, refurbish, resell) and half Jerome's stuff. Who's Jerome, you might ask? Perhaps he'll let me take a picture someday. But for now, he's the man behind the curtain. More specifically, an avocado-green, velour curtain from the 70's.  His specialty is all things mid century modern- and he's good at it. So much so, that he has a key, comes in the middle of the night, and brings lots of little goodies (much like the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, only with furniture). To make it easy to remember whose is whose, I gave him half the church. Which in turn makes it easy on me to not have to worry about replenishing furniture all. the. time. 
With that explanation, the entire right half will be 40% off the original price. Even new stuff I just brought in- all 40% off for the rest of the month. So take a look at the inventory page. I will try to mark the sale prices of all my furniture in red. Let's go summer sale shopping, shall we? 

p.s. for those of you who love Yankee candles ( I do), they're having their semi-annual sale with 50-75% off almost all their inventory. Love it. 

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