Monday, July 29, 2013

Real Estate Monday: Bloomfield

Okay folks... the pickings are gettin' slim. Seriously. I know they say spring's the time to list a home, but I feel like the Pittsburgh market needs a refreshment of newly listed homes right now. I was talking with some friends that are looking and they echoed the same thing- there's just not a lot of new stuff to look at.
Anyways, today I'm highlighting a freshly renovated home in Bloomfield. Honestly, I feel like Bloomfield homes are kind of boring on the outside. I've seen some attempts at modernizing though, and I feel like it's a good place to invest money due to its close proximity to Shadyside, downtown, the Strip, hospitals- basically everything in the east end.
234 Taylor St. is an end unit (obviously). I'd love to see it painted a bright, fire-engine-red!
Now I know, the curb appeal isn't the best. But let's be honest- most homes in Bloomfield have little to no yard or front porch, and therefore, little chance to give curb appeal. I guess what you're lacking in yard, you make up for in walking distance to all the action.

So awesome that the pocket doors are still there. Often times in old homes these are rarely in tact.

If my narrow kitchen can take an island, then this kitchen definitely could stand to have one.

Love the original wrap around banister.

Some of the bedrooms have hardwood, some have new carpet. I like having the option.

I love dormer windows. Takes me back to my childhood room where I had a built-in seat custom built just for me and my stuffed animals right in the dormer window.
 All in all, not a bad price for a completely renovated house. I'd have to do some special projects to customize it a little, but that's the fun part.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Real Estate Monday: Whitehall

I'm getting this up really late tonight, but at least it's technically still Monday. I don't know much about Whitehall, but I'm assuming it's nice based on its location to Mount Lebanon. Let me know if I'm wrong.
This is one serious Colonial stone house built in 1880. I'm normally not a fan of Colonials, but I find this one inviting and intriguing. It's a 3 bed/2 bath house situated on a gorgeous piece of property (the pictures remind me of my love for The Secret Garden). What do you think?
4634 Echo Glen Drive, Whitehall 15236

A little uninteresting, but has potential to be a beautiful family room. 

I love open hallways. 

What a lovely and inviting bedroom. 

The architecture on this porch is fantastic. 

Not sure what this is used for, but it'd be an awesome playhouse. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brown Lucite Swivel Chairs

I picked up these super-slick chairs a few weeks ago. I was pretty surprised when I saw how good of shape they were in. Usually the lucite is scratched like crazy. Unfortunately, the cushions each have a small rip in them. If I were smart, I would have had sewing lessons years ago that way I could redo simple cushions like these. But, alas, I know not how to do the piping so they're being sold as is. Hopefully, their new owners will know how to sew (or at least a good upholsterer) and can bring them up to date. Here are a few examples of redone chairs in similar form.
 I'd personally go for a modern pattern like the one above (maybe in a vibrant, contrasting color). Or you can't go wrong with classic white like the ones below.


I think they'd be awesome as a pair of chairs set up across from a nice mid century modern desk. Or around a tulip base table like this:

Eclectic Dining Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Fiorella Design
For more inspiration and similar styles you can click here

Monday, July 15, 2013

Real Estate Monday: Squirrel Hill(ish)

Although I've only actually lived in Pittsburgh for 5 years, I've visited my relatives every summer since I can remember. They live on the North Shore, and it's an awesome street to live on during the 4th of July (front row seats to fireworks). I'm definitely planning on doing a real estate post there as soon as a good one pops on the market.
Every time we'd visit, we'd always go to the movies or the Old Barnes N' Nobles in Squirrel Hill. I loved it because I felt like I was in a little version of NYC. I know, I know, Sq. Hill's nothing like NYC, but I was eight and from the suburbs of Jacksonville, Fl, and none of our bookstores had escalators. Plus, I'm obsessed with being able to walk to things instead of always having to drive. Squirrel Hill is the perfect little neighborhood for this reason.
The fascination continued when I decided to locate my first store there. Now that we're no longer there, it feels a little foreign again, but in a fun way.
Here are two homes that aren't right in the action, but are still pretty, darn close. There are lots of gorgeous homes in Squirrel Hill, mind you, but like my furniture prices, I am on the lookout for a deal.
House #1: 3119 Beechwood Blvd.  4 beds/1.5 baths $229,000
The brick work looks newly pointed. Always a good sign when the outside looks crisp and clean.

Nice, large, separate entry way- not always possible in small, Pittsburgh homes.
And a coat closet. What I wouldn't give for a coat closet! Or maybe that's a powder room.
Either way, a welcome bonus.  

That marble fireplace is gorgeous.
A deep, graphite color on the walls would pop against it nicely.
Ooh, and some pretty, flowing white curtains, hung from ceiling to floor. 

Small kitchen- typical. Maybe this wall could be removed to open it up a bit.
Slap some pretty paint on those cabinets and you'd be good to go. 

These floors are, perhaps, the most beautiful floors I've seen in a while
(or at the very least show up well in photos)! 

3rd floor: perfect playroom or bedroom. Maybe even a master suite if renovated?
I like that rug, too.  
House #2: 3159 Beechwood Blvd. literally right down the street. Slightly smaller at 3 beds/1.5 baths, and cheaper at $164,000.
This is a semi-detached home- don't I sound like House Hunters now?
It has a cute, picked fence in the front.
Lovely family room, open to the dining room. 

Great craftsman style built-ins in the dining room.
One of my only knocks on the house is how tiny the kitchen is. At least it looks well done, but I'd seriously have to take out the wall in between the dining room to open it up and switch the cabinetry to the opposite side. I'm sure there's something that can be done because the view behind this shot is amazing. 
Ugh... I'd be out here every.single.minute. 
3 bedrooms similar to this upstairs & a bath that needs some TLC.
There's a finished room and a half bath that needs a little loving in the basement, but for the price and location, I think it's a pretty good deal. Definitely my favorite of the two when it comes to potential.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mint {paint} Madness

Me and Colleen back in 2006 perfecting the mint tea pour. 
I don't know if it was all that time in Morocco, or what, but I'm obsessed with mint. I currently grow two different variations in my garden. Tonight, thanks to Lowes' oops paint, I got me a brand new gallon of mint colored paint for only five bucks!
That said, here are a couple of things I'm thinking of tackling with said paint:
Pair of wood end tables
I've been meaning to paint these end tables- they're a mess as is. I think the mint will be a nice, fresh pop especially against a pretty, white sofa or something like this inspiration photo:
via decor pad
Next up, a 19th century medical exam table. This piece is awesome. Seriously. I'm not so sure I want to part with it. I have visions of using it as a kitchen island. The apothecary style drawers open from both sides-which essentially makes it the perfect island. I can just imagine it refinished with a shiny piece of marble or granite on top. I was either thinking of doing different shades of stain or, you guessed it, MINT!
 Something like this...
A third piece that came to mind was this gorgeous mirror. Look familiar? We used to have its twin in black. It sold a while ago. This one is just a dark stained wood, but I think it would pop with the new mint color.

Similar to this picture:
(I actually have a similar dresser like this in white)

And finally I've been thinking about redoing these boring ladder back chairs I have similar to this one:
My inspiration photo: 

I know they're completely different styled chairs, but I think it'll work. Especially around a butcher block type table.
We'll see what ends up getting painted...what's your vote?

Update: I went ahead and painted the two matching end tables, plus another mid century modern side table. I love the color. I might be using this color for EVERYTHING, watch out! 
I promise this is more minty in person... must be the lighting at dusk.

Welcome to my back sunroom where it's lighter and brighter than outside. These pics are a better representation of what the color looks like. I think I'm gonna leave the top of this one in its original, roughed-up form. I like the contrast of the bright, shiny legs against the wood. Feels industrial and modern. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Real Estate Monday: Greenfield

I'm on a roll for the amount of homes I've found this month that I'd gladly move into for under $200k. This one's at 4251 Stanley St. in Greenfield and it's listed at $175k. It's fairly move-in ready, but I'm sure we could find some cosmetic things to change. Just for fun, right? It looks extremely clean and well-kept, and it's in a good area. With sidewalks and bicycle paths, both Squirrel Hill and the South Sides works are within reach. I'm clearly obsessed with my bike these days, so you'll have to excuse me that every house I choose to feature is based on its bicycle-ability (not a word, I know).
Here are the pictures courtesy of zillow.
Isn't it cute? It may already have a colorful front door, I can't tell, but I think turquoise would be fun, don't you? 
This would be marvelous, and it really wouldn't take much to transform it into something like this. 
You'll have to click on the source, because this house is simply amazing. 
Back to the Greenfield house- the entry way, I presume.
I love stair runners. This is such a warm & inviting hallway. I don't think I'd do a thing to change it. And those little pendant lights are adorable. 

I think this kitchen has great bones. Maybe painting the island black to add some contrast and break up the wood tones. Ooh, and a farm sink would be awesome. 
Simple and pretty. An elegant chandelier would be a nice touch. Wonder what they have?  

Wish it had a garage, but I think those steps are pretty charming up to the back porch. It almost has a beachy feel to it. Throw some starfish in the windows like this, and I'm convinced.

Happy House Hunting! 


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