Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mint {paint} Madness

Me and Colleen back in 2006 perfecting the mint tea pour. 
I don't know if it was all that time in Morocco, or what, but I'm obsessed with mint. I currently grow two different variations in my garden. Tonight, thanks to Lowes' oops paint, I got me a brand new gallon of mint colored paint for only five bucks!
That said, here are a couple of things I'm thinking of tackling with said paint:
Pair of wood end tables
I've been meaning to paint these end tables- they're a mess as is. I think the mint will be a nice, fresh pop especially against a pretty, white sofa or something like this inspiration photo:
via decor pad
Next up, a 19th century medical exam table. This piece is awesome. Seriously. I'm not so sure I want to part with it. I have visions of using it as a kitchen island. The apothecary style drawers open from both sides-which essentially makes it the perfect island. I can just imagine it refinished with a shiny piece of marble or granite on top. I was either thinking of doing different shades of stain or, you guessed it, MINT!
 Something like this...
A third piece that came to mind was this gorgeous mirror. Look familiar? We used to have its twin in black. It sold a while ago. This one is just a dark stained wood, but I think it would pop with the new mint color.

Similar to this picture:
(I actually have a similar dresser like this in white)

And finally I've been thinking about redoing these boring ladder back chairs I have similar to this one:
My inspiration photo: 

I know they're completely different styled chairs, but I think it'll work. Especially around a butcher block type table.
We'll see what ends up getting painted...what's your vote?

Update: I went ahead and painted the two matching end tables, plus another mid century modern side table. I love the color. I might be using this color for EVERYTHING, watch out! 
I promise this is more minty in person... must be the lighting at dusk.

Welcome to my back sunroom where it's lighter and brighter than outside. These pics are a better representation of what the color looks like. I think I'm gonna leave the top of this one in its original, roughed-up form. I like the contrast of the bright, shiny legs against the wood. Feels industrial and modern. 

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