Monday, July 29, 2013

Real Estate Monday: Bloomfield

Okay folks... the pickings are gettin' slim. Seriously. I know they say spring's the time to list a home, but I feel like the Pittsburgh market needs a refreshment of newly listed homes right now. I was talking with some friends that are looking and they echoed the same thing- there's just not a lot of new stuff to look at.
Anyways, today I'm highlighting a freshly renovated home in Bloomfield. Honestly, I feel like Bloomfield homes are kind of boring on the outside. I've seen some attempts at modernizing though, and I feel like it's a good place to invest money due to its close proximity to Shadyside, downtown, the Strip, hospitals- basically everything in the east end.
234 Taylor St. is an end unit (obviously). I'd love to see it painted a bright, fire-engine-red!
Now I know, the curb appeal isn't the best. But let's be honest- most homes in Bloomfield have little to no yard or front porch, and therefore, little chance to give curb appeal. I guess what you're lacking in yard, you make up for in walking distance to all the action.

So awesome that the pocket doors are still there. Often times in old homes these are rarely in tact.

If my narrow kitchen can take an island, then this kitchen definitely could stand to have one.

Love the original wrap around banister.

Some of the bedrooms have hardwood, some have new carpet. I like having the option.

I love dormer windows. Takes me back to my childhood room where I had a built-in seat custom built just for me and my stuffed animals right in the dormer window.
 All in all, not a bad price for a completely renovated house. I'd have to do some special projects to customize it a little, but that's the fun part.

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