Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Blog Inspiration

Oh happy Friday! Here's a few inspirational blog posts from some of my favorite blogs to kick off your weekend. I'm heading out this weekend for a trip to see a sweet, college friend. Maybe she'll let me snap some picks of her cute house.
DIY Concrete Countertops: 
I'd love to try this. Jenny Komenda used to live in NYC, but just recently moved with her family to Arizona. She's a DIY blogger, and you can follow along her new house reno @ LittleGreenNotebook. This laundry room renovation is one of my favorites.

13 Surprising Things About Parenting In Congo: Joanna Goddard's been doing a parenting around the world series that I absolutely love. The one about parenting in Norway made me laugh out loud (a rarity).

Weekend Escape: A Moroccan Riad: I follow a little blog called French By Design for inspirational decor photos from around the world. It slightly satisfies my need to travel and decorate at the same time. I swear not all Moroccan homes look like this, in fact, typical Moroccan decorating is very different. But I love the way foreigners come in and design with traditional pieces they find in the market places. And I'm pretty much obsessed with any kitchen that has exposed shelving- which I find more common in foreign kitchens than in U.S. kitchens.

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