Friday, August 23, 2013

Going Backwards: From Business to Blog

Let's get personal. I feel like I'm moving backwards (even though I'm super excited to simplify things).  If you don't feel like reading all the details, then just skim down past the picture and you'll get to the most important part!
Opening a store two and a half years ago with no prior entrepreneurial experience was both the most frightening and exciting thing, next to spending the night in the Sahara Desert during a sand storm. I had NO idea what to expect. Isn't that just like life in general? You start something new then you realize as you go how to get the hang of things. You pick up tid-bits along the way to make things easier- learning what you like and don't like. Well here are some things I learned:

  1. Starting your own business is easy. Owning your own business is hard. You can pay people to help, but when it comes down to it, there's no one who can do things just the way you want like YOU can. 
  2. You're your own boss. This is great. No one to yell at you. No one to force you to do something you don't want, say something you don't want, sell something you don't want, or wear something you don't want. You make up the rules- my personal favorite part.
  3. Store hours are long and can be boring. I think owning a store is the end-all-be-all goal in a lot of creative peoples' minds. Not factored in the dream are all the hours you are obligated to put in, and the fact that your brain never stops. I'd lie in bed at night thinking of all the stuff I had to get done-taxes, spreadsheets of inventory, pricing, refinishing, supplies, etc. and whether or not I'd make enough money to survive at the end of the day. There's no such thing as leaving your work behind. 
  4. I love buying, refinishing, researching furniture, and blogging about it. The blog has become one of my most favorite tools. It allows me to share all the fun and the real stuff. It allows me to communicate the work that goes behind a piece, or the inspiration where things come from. I read a lot of blogs as well to keep inspired and informed. A lot of people I read about seem to do creative things on the side, blog about it, then open some kind of business after building up an audience (rather it be an online shop, or a physical location). 
Throw back pics from the old shop

Since learning all these things about myself, and getting back to my point about moving backwards, I've realized that owning a store isn't exactly what I want to be about. It's merely an outlet to make money off doing what I love. I'm "shedding a layer" once again in this quest called life, and moving forward with a liquidation sale of almost everything: a fresh start. I can't wait!
I'll be posting a link soon connecting you to an online auction where you can bid on anything/everything in my shop. It all starts at $1 and there are no other fees incorporated.
***update: here's the link***
On the other hand, I'd like to ask you to stay with me as I expand this little blog. I'll be focusing a lot more on DIY topics to both teach and {hopefully} inspire you. The furniture I redo on my blog will be listed in the inventory tabs if you're interested in purchasing (I'll also be taking on more custom orders). I'm going to continue on with my Real Estate Monday series, as well as implement a new #spotted series (on facebook & twitter) to let you know when and where I've discovered awesome, new pieces. It'll be like letting you in on a little secret every time I find something. So follow along if interested. And be sure to check back soon for the auction link (or contact me via if you're interested in buying anything before going to auction).

Here's to going backwards and moving forward! 


  1. You are extremely talented and inspiring! Good luck with future eneavors...I will definately follow your blogs!

    1. Thanks so much! Your comment is super encouraging. Sorry for such a delayed response, I wanted to make sure this wasn't from my mom! Although, I'd still appreciate it just the same :)

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  3. Agree with the above poster. Sorry to see the store go. Looking forward to more inspiration. I am not your mom. :)



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