Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hairpin Legs

Didn't manage to get Monday's Real Estate post up after our 22 hr. road trip. I'll just have to plan an extra special one for next Monday. I did have a fabulous weekend full of cuteness- lots of little kids, fabulous food, and great decorating (which always gives me ideas). My best friend from college/roommate from Morocco graduated from PA school, and she (and her mom) happen to have a knack for decorating. You can see her blog here.
Our little reunion
{Colleen, Bethany, and me}

The party was at Colleen's mom's house- an adorable cottage in the country. Why I didn't get pictures, I'll never know, because this lady knows how to throw a party. Her house is chock full of vintage pieces that are one-of-a-kind statements. One of them is a vintage trunk with hairpin legs attached to the bottom. She bought the legs separate at and simply attached them herself for an awesome console piece. I love this. My mind automatically raced through all the different things I could prop up on legs for a modern twist. A trunk- check, end table- check, a cool piece of wood for a new coffee table- check, check. I'm telling you this is the coolest thing since stationary pogo sticks.
I bought this cheapy-looking coffee table off overstock simply because I was looking for something with hairpin legs. Had I known better I could have just bought the legs somewhere else. I would have saved my money and found an actual piece of wood to go on top (I hate particle board furniture, which is what my table is).
I painted this a pinkish color for something fun and different. I think I'll paint it mint next.
 Seriously, you can just go on etsy and type in "hairpin leg table" and you'll get all these fabulous pieces of reclaimed furniture. One of my favorites is below. Looks like an old pallet on legs.
 This is cool, too.

You could even throw a nice mid-century modern console/credenza on some legs to raise it up a bit. Observe.

Cool idea, huh? Thanks for the inspiration, Cookie. 

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