Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Pick the Right Lamp Shade

My mom bought me these adorable, hammered-metal lamps (four to be exact- two gold and two silver... she's a great mom).

She got a super-great deal, the only problem lying with the shade, or lack there of. That's ok. I'm used to getting lamps without shades. I'll go to my shady guy (pun intended) at the flea market. Except I can't seem to find the RIGHT shade to fit this lamp. Annoying! I've now scoured Walmart, Target, and every thrift store in town to no avail. If anyone else has another lamp shade source that won't cost me a ba-jillion dollars (we're talking under $15 please, I do have four lamps after all) this girl would be eternally grateful!  
On the other hand, it got me researching how to pick the perfect shade and I learned a thing or two. Here's the gist of it: 
Measure a lamp's height from the socket to its base
The height of the shade should be about 2/3 the size

Then measure the width of the base
The width of the shade should be about double the size

The shape of the shade should usually be consistent with the shape of the base.

Never let the harp show- it's like having your underwear hang out of your pants! 

You can read a much more in depth decision making process here on apartment therapy if you wish. 
And here's a quick synopsis of all the lamps we have at the shop. Some are old, some are new. The new ones have perfect sized shades for their styles. The old ones, not so much. Guess I need to bust my measuring tape out and put these newly learned rules to use. 

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