Monday, August 26, 2013

Real Estate Monday: South Side Flats

A couple weeks ago we visited this house in the South Side. It's a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom complete gut on the flats close to the new South Side Works shopping center. It's amazing to see what you're money can buy in different parts of town. Up on the slopes, $189,000 would be almost enough to buy a completely renovated home. Down on the flats, however, it's a different story. You're paying top dollar for the ability to walk and ride your bike to everything- the trails can connect you all the way downtown. Even though it's at the top of my budget (it needs about $100k worth of renovations), I still wanted to see how much work we could do on our own to make it work for our family. We decided it'd be too much for us, but I still wanted to share with you just in case you're looking for a project to tackle and have some cash sitting somewhere waiting to be invested. I say invested because realistically you could treat this house as an investment, fix it up, and probably sell for about $350,000. That's a pretty nice profit. Here are the pictures I took of 2210 Sarah St., but you can click on this zillow link  for more info. *Side note: 2206 Sarah is right next door, also for sale, also a complete gut in my opinion. Listed for $229,900. It has a garage and a yard, thus the higher price tag, but it's not even a true 3 bedroom- the 3rd is a captured room on the 3rd floor- unless you reconfigured the layout. 
Back to our house:

Front sitting room

Close ups of the floors.

Dining room in between front room and kitchen. Neat floors.

The kitchen
The original kitchen sink.
Tiny bedroom on 2nd floor
Bathroom at the top of the stairs.
Bedroom to right of bathroom. Definitely worth expanding old bathroom into this bedroom. 

It has an old sink in it, too. 
Front bedroom
Middle bedroom. 
At least the rooms have lots of natural light. 

Stairway to third floor
3rd floor. Some water damage under the window needs replastered.

Clearly it all needs redone, I said that from the start so hopefully I didn't scare anyone by the time you got here. I wouldn't show this house if I didn't think it had HUGE potential though. The owner gave me a drawing of a suggested floor plan which I would have put up a picture of had my 2 yr. old daughter not eaten it. I thought we were past the eating paper stage, but I guess not! I thought that was really smart of him to do since a lot of us have trouble envisioning a space especially when it's in such disrepair. 
 That concludes this week's house hunt. Until next time...Happy Monday!

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