Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spray Painting Lamps & Shades

 I had a couple of lamps that were really boring, and one super dirty lamp shade. My solution: spray paint. Of course. I think this might be the easiest thing EVER.
For the shade- all I did was clean it up with some soap and water (there was so much dust on this thing). I let it dry and then lightly sprayed it with a left over can of gold spray paint. Voila! Instant new look.

 The second little mini project was an old, wooden lamp base. It's pretty traditional and did not reflect the look I was going for, but for some reason I just can't part with it. I'm really not a hoarder, I just like the general shape of this lamp. So we (my two yr. old and I) decided to paint it pink. Yes, pink! I'm still reeling from this picture on Cup of Jo's blog:

 While a brand new kilim rug isn't in the budget, adding some pink accents won't break the bank. Taliila helped me sand the base first. We covered the harp and cord with a plastic bag and some tape. Then coated it with two light coats of pink spray paint. So easy.

Clearly need to still find a lamp shade for this one.
Definitely a great way to save money and reuse what ya got! I'm sure I'll be painting more shades in the future. Has anyone out there attempted making their own shade? That's on my to do list. 

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