Monday, October 7, 2013

Real Estate Monday: Highland Park

I'm back...and so is Real Estate Monday. If you missed yesterday's post, I talked about putting an offer in on a house in Homestead. While I'm not going to show you that house quite yet (give it time, we're still contingent) I will show you its twin in Highland Park. Now here is a classic example of the Pittsburgh housing market where the price for the same exact house can range from $25k to $500k depending on its location. I was scrolling through houses on my zillow app to find "inspiration" and to convince myself that this new house is just a diamond in the rough, and could someday be just as grand as some of these expensive homes. I couldn't believe my eyes when I literally came across the same house- the floor plan, the extensive wood paneling, the molding, the fireplaces. The only exception being condition. The house we're buying is in dire need of repair, has shag carpeting throughout, barely a working kitchen, dropped ceilings, one dirty, little bathroom, etc. Point being it's a long way off from looking like this house, but the bones are there. Trust me.
So here's the inspiration house at 6018 Grafton St. Highland Park, Pa 15206, listed for a whopping $499,000! It's located back by the farmhouse playground. If you have kids, this charming playground is a dream nestled back at the end of a street with very little traffic.
I miss having an entry way this big, and to actually have a place to put your keys, mail, etc. 

My favorite part of this house, and the one we're buying is this back stairwell in the kitchen. How quaint! 

What a gorgeous bathroom! The only thing I'd do different is some black paint up above the tile, then the marble subway tile would really pop! 

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