Monday, October 21, 2013

Real Estate Monday: Monroeville

Yay, it's Monday! Did I just combine "yay" and "Monday" in one sentence? Yes, I did... because it's Real Estate Monday, and that makes it much more fun. I picked a house in Monroeville because I like its simplicity. Seriously, why can't I find a house like this in the city? Three bedrooms, two baths, one big great room with a kitchen that overlooks it, a connected garage, a mudroom, beautiful windows- it's so simple, yet who needs anything more really? I wish I didn't dislike living in the suburbs as much as I do because you can't beat this price!
Here's 2423 Saunders Station Rd.

Wouldn't it be gorgeous to replace the carpet and tile with some beautiful hardwood and wrap the island with a marble like this?
Why, hello dream kitchen!

Honestly, the layout of this kitchen is so similar to my inspiration photo up wouldn't take much at all to recreate that look! 

And this mud room would make a great little office.

Not the best pic of what I believe is the master since it has an en suite attached,
 but hey at least it has its own bathroom. 

I love that the Realtor provided a floor plan, too. That really allows me to get a better idea of the flow. 
My parents are in town this week and we're off to look at a few multi-units tomorrow. The house we put an offer on last month sadly did not pass its inspection [insert big sad face]. It had some major issues we didn't see beforehand and just couldn't afford to fix. So moving on... I think it'd be fun to have my parents live so close (part of the time, they live in FL full time) and thus the search for a multi-unit. We'll see how it goes.


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