Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slice of Humble Pie?

 We're back from our long family vacation. My husband and I packed our bags and picked up an rv in D.C., drove it down to Florida, went to the Magic Kingdom, then jumped on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas with my parents. We realized when we do vacations, we do them BIG. And typically I need a vacation from my vacation when I get home. Anybody else feelin' me?
Our "campsite" in Hilton Head. 

The classic family pic-
my daughter looks like she's had too much to drink,
and my dad hasn't found his sea legs yet. 
What's even more crazy is that right before we left, we put a contingent offer in on a house in Homestead. Contingent meaning based on the sale of our current house. So the night before leaving, I scurried around cleaning our house the best I could, found some spare keys for a lock box, signed all the papers necessary and left my Realtor to list our house while we were gone.
Negotiating deals is neither easy nor fun while away, and this is our second time doing this (we were out of the country when we sold our last house). While I was gone, the house was listed and we had a few showings. Meanwhile, it never occurred to me to check the pictures listed online until I got home and got wind of someone saying it looked "cluttered". Ouch, really?
Curious, I checked out the pictures and realized both the home office (man cave), and our back storage room have posted pictures of all.our.crap. Now I know the world's not ending, and I'm seriously not usually this dramatic (ask my family, I'm the calm and collected one, I swear), but I just couldn't have this. I'm the one telling people to take down those pictures of cluttered rooms. Yes, we all have them, but we don't need to see them...yadda yadda yadda. So I quickly called my Realtor, begged her to take the incriminating pictures off till I had time to properly clean them, and promptly got to reorganizing. Insert piece of humble pie into my mouth now.
Anyways, we had a successful showing yesterday while I was at the I made it market at the Waterfront (hope they make an offer!). Here are some pics I got of that event in case you missed it, and I'll try to get the inventory tabs updated with everything new soon.

p.s. if you've made it this far (thanks, I know it's a long post) check back tomorrow for the continuation of Real Estate Monday. 

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