Friday, November 22, 2013

Simple DIY Holiday Gift Ideas: Day 1

Now that the holidays are coming full steam ahead I figured I'd share some simple DIY gift ideas that I've either done in the past or will be attempting this holiday season. Our budget's always really tight right around the Thanksgiving season. My husband's a landscaper and he does snow removal for the winter, so all our costs are up front, and as you know, snow's pretty unpredictable this time of year. Since I can't control the weather, I've taken it upon myself to get creative and budget friendly with gifts.
I'm actually not super crafty, or that creative- I just duplicate things I see based on whether or not I think it's easy enough to attempt. So trust me when I say these are pretty easy, and you don't have to be a super-duper crafter to do these.
Idea uno: Lamp Shade Turned Laundry Basket/Toy Bin
This might actually be a cute thing to give a kid filled with toys, instead of spending money on the wrapping paper or a gift bag.

Step 1: Find an over sized lamp shade. 
I bought this bad boy for $6 at an auction, but thrift stores are packed with retro lamp shades. Make sure you find one big enough and sturdy enough to hold clothes or toys. I really liked how this shade already looked like a basket with the woven wicker and raffia. 

Step 2: Sew a basic pillow case for the insert. 
Next I took fabric from a left over shower curtain (I use curtains for all kinds of reupholstery projects- they're fun and relatively inexpensive). Note: I am not a sewer. This was actually only my second attempt at a sewing machine. To prove it, I'll show you a close up of my lines. 
Not the straightest lines ever, but honestly it doesn't matter because it's hidden. I used the already-sewn hem line of the curtain as the top of my bag so it's a nice, pretty hem when folded over the basket. 
I measured the width of the shade then added a few inches to the width of my bag so it had some room to give and fold when toys or clothes were thrown in. 
Step 3: Insert bag into upside down shade and enjoy!
I tucked mine under a desk in our hallway right outside the bathroom where clothes naturally seem to pile up. When it's laundry time, I just take the bag out and carry it down to the laundry room. If I were good at sewing, maybe I'd add some fancy handles. But this is simple DIY, no handles necessary. 

  More thrifty, but fun ideas on the way...

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