Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Shenanigans.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I somehow lucked out this year and only had to make the green bean casserole. We had one meal around noon with my father-in-law who prepared a turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and two pies! My husband also made ribs. Can you believe that? Then around five o'clock we headed out to Saxonburg, where my husband's step-grandparents live and ate all over again. My mother-in-law made moonshine, which my friend from South Carolina told me is all the rage down south. It was delish! To go with the southern vibe we had some fiddle action. Here's a video of my daughter "playing" her new violin her uncle gave her (Warning: you have to put up with my singing voice- this is no easy task). But Taliila's really into violins for some reason. Any tips on good local music teachers?

So fun and such a great, no stress day. I'm very thankful. Black Friday was a whole different story. I went to two stores, one with a sleeping toddler, and the other with a screaming toddler. Not so fun. Black Friday is so overrated. At least with a two year old. Now onto decorating for Christmas...

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