Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two Runners = One Perfect Rug

Our playroom got some tweaking over the past couple weeks. I painted over the bold green we had in there before and mixed a deep, moody grey instead. I'd been avoiding painting by telling myself the green kind of went along with the fun playroom vibe, but I just couldn't handle it much longer. Plus, now that our house is on the market, I wanted to showcase the room's versatility- not just limit it to being only a playroom. Now we can chill in there together and I don't feel like I'm getting a migraine.
Before pic: too much green! 
Once the grey was on the walls, I no longer felt like the previous rug matched thus opening up a can of worms. I switched the old one with a rug from one of our upstairs bedrooms, which looks fine, but there was still an empty space left and tile is cold on bare feet.
While I was at Gabriel Brothers today I found these cute ikat runners for only $12.99! One alone wouldn't cut it, but when you lay two side by side you get the perfect little rug for 26 bucks! Can't beat that. I was going to sew them together (I still might) but these have some kind of non-slip lining on the back and they're staying in place really well so far. I'm ecstatic that the pattern perfectly lines up. Realistically you could have an adorable 5'x7' rug for a little over $50. I love Gabe's!

We switched the storage cubes*, the giant horse, and the flying squirrel wall art to the back of the room. I made a window seat out of the boxes setting plywood across the top. I simply tucked a sheet over an old outdoor cushion and voila- a window seat. Now Taliila has a cozy, little niche to play in and keep all her toys nice and neat (yeah, right!). And thanks to two runners we have a cute ikat rug that fits the space perfectly!

*the storage cubes are simply made out of plywood cut and nailed together- wish I could take credit for them, but we got them- along with the horse and squirrel- at Urban Outfitters. Sometimes when stores are changing up their displays you can purchase (cheaply) or even get things for free that they otherwise throw out. This was a "right place at the right time" scenario, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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