Monday, December 9, 2013

Inexpensive MCM Bucket Chair Review

 People tend to think I'm anti-ikea or anywhere else that has cheap furniture because I'm into finding vintage, quality furniture. That's only partially true. I wouldn't want my entire house to be ikea, just like I wouldn't want everything in my house to be from one era, rather everything in moderation.
I've found Overstock to be pretty great when you're in a decorating pinch. I've been wanting two extra chairs in my dining room for a while, and it's just so hard to find a matching pair in good shape at any given thrift/consignment store that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg. I've purchased a couple other items on overstock, and when I saw these chairs on their cyber Monday sale, I had to have them. I actually got them at about 40% off the price they are now.
I've ordered a coffee table from them before and it arrived damaged (they sent me a new top at no extra charge immediately), so I was curious to see how these chairs would hold up. They shipped in less than a week, and I finally had time to put them together today (ie. screw in 4 screws). They're shorter than I expected-guess I should have looked at the measurements-but otherwise pretty awesome. I love how light they are so I can just move them around where extra seating is needed, and they're fairly comfortable for being a plastic chair!
They're broken down and shipped in this box! 
Here's the base

And the chair. 

Assembled in less than 2 minutes! 

Here they are in my dining room,
although I might put them in my living room after Christmas.
We'll see. 

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