Thursday, January 23, 2014

Home Swap for the Design Enthusiasts

This is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" ideas. Especially after that movie The Holiday came out where the characters (Jude Law, anyone?) swapped homes and magically fell in love, and had some life-changing experience. But seriously, here's a new business, called Behomm, that's by invitation only where designers and artists can vacation in each others' place for free. How fun would that be? Maybe I can create a similar business model for the moderately talented DIY-ers/design enthusiasts (read: designer wannabees), like myself. That way we can vacation for free somewhere semi-cool in a like-minded environment. Preferably anywhere that's above 10 degrees. Rant over. Here's the link from domainehome and some pictures I took the liberty of sharing from said website just in case you needn't be bothered with links.
Speaking of being bothered, anyone else receiving phone calls from Duquesne light and being lured into a 15 minute survey? I finally stopped the poor girl after 10 minutes and asked if we could be done. I feel so rude, but really Duquesne- FIFTEEN MINUTES? There has to be a better way of serving your customers.
Now I'm really done. Here are the pictures of the house I'll choose to stay at. Oh, Spain! I don't speak your language, but you somehow speak mine...

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