Friday, January 17, 2014

Overcoming Awkward Room Shapes

The playroom. This room haunts me. It has a bathroom and a closet, so technically it's a bedroom room, but it's so awkward that I've always had trouble styling it. Plus, it's tiled so it's just super-cold all.the.time. Well, I think I've finally found the solution- cutting the room in half. Here are two before pictures each of opposite sides. They don't even look like the same room, I know, it truly is that weird of a room.
Here's a pic of the whole room from way back when it used to be partially my husband's dressing room, and way too green! The chimney juts out, and the sliding glass doors make it so we can't place any furniture that might block the exit. (With the addition of our new wardrobes, I'll be selling the antique lowboy dresser in this picture, email if you'd like to see more pics before I paint it).

So here's what I did that I'm finally happy with- we used T's crib from her old room, took off the front rail, and are temporarily using it as a "day bed" to split up the room into two halves. Eventually, we'd like to get a small pullout love seat, but that costs money and they're hard to come by used.

 I now have a tiny little office space when needed, and T has a cozy spot to watch her movies.
 Recognize a few things? The desk used to look like this before I painted it white:
And the lucite chair:

And here's her little play nook: A mess of toys stuffed into boxes, and barely any floor space to play, but let's be real, those toys end up getting transferred to our living room so I might as well have a place to throw them out of sight in the mean time. 

And just in case you wanted to see T's new, old bedroom (the tiniest room ever), we switched her full-sized bed to the nook where the crib used to be, and I've never slept in a more cozy space. Seriously. I'm out like a light every time I lay her down at night. All while she's piling animals on top of my face. There's just something about beds in nooks. That and small rooms- they're so much warmer. 


Also, we used the front rail from the crib to keep her from rolling into the radiator and/or off the other side of the bed. 
My husband had the best idea of painting a headboard on the back wall. I think we'll do that next. 

p.s. here is a great post with tips on how to live in a small space- a 240 sq. ft apartment. After reading this, I went straight to the author's blog and found it extremely amusing, even catching myself laughing out loud at times. I'll be adding hers to my daily reading list for sure. 

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