Saturday, February 15, 2014

Food Poisoning and Kitchen Remodeling

If you like sagas, I have one for you. If you'd rather just look at pictures, I have some of those, too. I must warn you, however, remodeling is not for the weak of heart. I have no finished product- it's a work in progress still, but I do finally have appliances and a story to go with it. Perhaps if you're contemplating a kitchen remodel for yourself you should read on to catch a glimpse of what you're in for. Or on second thought, maybe just check back in a week when I have the finished pictures up.
Here's a before picture of one side of our kitchen. We've decided to get a bigger fridge, among some other things that allows us more counter-space.

Saturday night: Husband disconnects all old appliances. Kitchen's a wreck!
 Sunday 9am: wake up to a blizzard- husband's out snow plowing. Call guy from Craigslist to make sure he's still coming to buy disconnected appliances.
Sunday 10:51am: Craigslist guy shows up late, but does come after all. Pays me $1300 for everything and loads them up. Deal!

Sunday 11:45am: Craigslist guy drives off into blizzard with his new appliances. Bon voyage! Kitchen's still a wreck, but at least one can navigate through it.

Sunday noon: get to work cleaning under old appliances. Previous owners had a huge Saint Bernard. Maybe this is where the mystery smell was coming from. That grey stuff isn't dust... it's pet hair! Same thing under the fridge, oh joy! 

Sunday 1pm: Lunch time with this little girl down the street at Drew's. Best french toast and strawberry sauce ever. 
Sunday 4:30pm: We go to Sears Outlet in Monroeville to pick out a new fridge. I've been there three times already so this process is short and sweet. I find the lady who goes over (and over) why I need an extra coverage plan, I deny, and buy the fridge, but she does talk me into paying the $20 extra charge to get the fridge delivered early. Tuesday morning, so not super early, but earlier than the alternative Thursday. I oblige her with my info. Everything's good to go.

Monday noon: We go to Perlas appliances in Swissvale to buy our stove and dishwasher. I've already been here, too, so this is a simple trip as well. Great family business. We walk in, tell them what we need, they told us it'd be delivered on Wednesday (no extra charge).

Monday evening: Call from Sears about our delivery. Confirmed.

Tuesday 6:45 am: Call from delivery guy asking if we salted our driveway. Yes, we just had an arcade machine delivered the other day no problem. See pic below with our old pantry and new arcade machine in playroom. Awesome.

Tuesday 7 am: Delivery guy said there's no parking on our street and he can't fit up our driveway. Husband points to two hour parking sign. Delivery guy does a lap around our neighborhood. Husband asks him to just stop and leave fridge at the bottom of our driveway. Delivery guy says his truck is too big for our street. The street he's already on.

Tuesday 7:05am: Delivery guy leaves with our fridge.

Tuesday 7:07am: I call his cell phone and leave a message because he won't pick up my calls. I'm basically crying (slightly ridiculous, but I'm a girl) saying I'd like my fridge back and that we paid extra to get it "early".

Tuesday 7:15am: Manager Bob calls me, tells me they can't get it out till Saturday, offers no apology. I told him we've never had this problem before and we've had plenty of trucks bigger deliver things. He hangs up when I threaten to cancel the order.

Tuesday noon: I call store back, get in touch with new manager of Pittsburgh store who actually helps. Asked to reschedule for Wednesday morning and took off delivery fees. Thank you, Diamond!

Tuesday night: I eat a salad with ham and cheese in it. Bad idea. Ham went bad.

Tuesday 8pm-1am: Food poisoning strikes again. Second time this year, I'm afraid!

Wednesday 2am: I feel like death!

Wednesday 11am: Husband wakes me up (he let me sleep since I was sick all night). I couldn't get out of bed. He told me delivery hadn't come yet. I called. Manager said it was supposed to already come. She called and found out the entire transaction was cancelled when my delivery fees got credited back. Fridge was back at Sears Monroeville.

Wednesday noon: Sears is afraid to answer my calls or call me back.

Wednesday 4:30pm: Someone finally calls and says our fridge is coming in 30 min. Perlas is already here delivering our stove and dishwasher. No problems. *I went white and slightly retro, see post here about my choice to mix and match appliances.

Wednesday 5pm: Fridge is finally delivered, no problem. It's amazing how a different delivery man makes all the difference in the world. I would have kissed him had I not been so sick! He got a tip instead. Had the first guy gotten out of his truck, we'd never have had this problem.

Wednesday 6pm: Sears calls because they realized I have a fridge that hasn't been paid for. I'm too sick to pay in person. They need my social and I won't give that over the phone, so they have to wait till tomorrow. Plus, the drink dispenser on the fridge doesn't work. I ask them to put in a free service call.

Wednesday 7pm: Sears calls again. Sweating bullets, and apparently afraid I won't pay. No really, I'm in excruciating pain and can not come in. I paid you once, I'm not a thief, I will be in tomorrow.

Thursday 1pm: I go to Sears to pay. No apology for my inconvenience. I had to re-explain everything because the manager was on a conference call, and the guy couldn't figure how to ring me up. Also, I asked about the service call that was supposed to be scheduled. No one scheduled it. Next one isn't available till Wednesday. Perfect! Considered passing out- not just for added affect- still feel weak from lack of food/water.

Thursday 1:45pm: Finally left the store. Reward my three yr. old with Chuck E. Cheese for being so patient.

If you've made it this far in my story, God bless you, you poor thing. Here's a cleaned up version of our new kitchen. Still waiting on our special order convection microwave. Yeah, you read it right- a microwave that convects! It's gonna be awesome. No more toaster oven.

Doesn't it already looked bigger? I'm really pleased so far. Minus the whole fridge experience. And food poisoning.

Next step in the reno process is our countertops, then backsplash. I'm trying to persuade my husband to take a trip back to Morocco for some authentic, mosaic tile for the backsplash. He laughed. I guess that's not quite in the budget, but I thought I'd try.


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