Monday, February 17, 2014

Real Estate Monday: Edgewood

I've been reading a lot about minimalism on the web lately. It fascinates me. I love cleaning things out and tossing what I don't need, but I'm not sure if I could ever fully commit to a 600 sq ft space and love it. My husband and I had that with our first house and we could never have more than one person over for dinner because there was simply no where to sit. Maybe in New York City, but we're in Pittsburgh where every house is huge by comparison.
Today I chose a house that sort of reminds me of how to live minimally in a 1400 sq ft home and not have to forfeit style. I know 1400 sq ft isn't THAT small, but it is compared to the average size home being over 2300 sq ft in the US.
Here's 146 Oakview Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa 15218:

It's on the back side of Edgewood on a fairly quiet and private street. A lot of these homes sit up high on a hill with lots of steps, but this one happens to have a driveway. Bonus (especially for when you have deliveries). It's a 3 bed/1 bath house for $134,900.

 Ok, you got me, I really picked this house because of how it was decorated. But seriously, isn't it adorable. Not the biggest living room ever, but they've made the most of it providing seating for at least four adults. And I love the cow hide rug.
 Next, the dining room. What could have looked dated, they've made look modern by pairing this huge, oak china cabinet with a sleek concrete-esque table and chairs combo. The super modern table would look out of place had it not had the wood to balance it out, but I think it looks great here.
 The kitchen sports some retro cabinets, an exposed wood ceiling, and stainless steel countertops. Again, not the biggest space ever, but totally workable and it looks like there's plenty of storage for all those things you don't really need (we're being minimalist, remember).
 Clean, updated bathroom. I really like the slate-like tile with the white grout. The house plants around the house are a nice touch, too, don't you think?
 Here's the spare bedroom. Super relaxing...makes me want to climb right in.
 They've used the third bedroom as a den.
 And last, the ultimate man cave. In the basement. Where it should be. Just kidding. Kind of.
 I think this house really goes to show how important staging is. No room looked small because clutter was moved out and everything had a streamlined look to it, without feeling cold. By mixing some vintage pieces with modern pieces they created an eclectic atmosphere that says, "I could live here"- unless you like the non-minimalist lifestyle, in which maybe this wouldn't be for you. To each and their own, right?

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