Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Real Estate Mondays (literally speaking)

So I've literally been spending my Mondays (and Wednesdays) for the past month or so taking the required real estate courses to become licensed. I'd consider realty a hobby right up there with redoing furniture. I love it, and I figured it was about time I did something about it. I'm really not in it so I can become some cut-throat real estate agent who sells her soul. I hope no one's in it for that reason, but rather just to be able to legally assist family and friends, and perhaps even myself.

This book is no joke and I have a whole new respect for my Realtor. Please excuse the marker that won't come off my table...guess we'll be sanding and painting that soon.

 If all goes according to plan, I'll sit for my state exam sometime in early April and get a job with a local Brokerage company. Whohoo! I'm seriously pretty pumped about this. Just like this girl is pumped to be playing in Prince Wednesday's castle!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do or Don't: Houndstooth Sofa?

Am I crazy for wanting an entire sofa covered in houndstooth fabric? And a sectional sofa, at that. Since I've been married, we've owned five different new (or kinda new) sofas. That's one for every year of marriage. This is getting ridiculous! We don't change because we get sick of them and want something new, we change out of comfort. Thankfully, perks of being a furniture resale business owner allowed me to a. resell our sofas, and b. find decent used ones. So we never really spent a ton of money, but it still adds up along the way.

This year we're feeling a bit gutsy. We've been toying with the idea of buying what we feel like is the most comfortable sofa in the world. At least in our world. It all started 7 years ago when Tony and I first met. He spent the night on my aunt's Baldwin sofa from Arhaus and fell in love. From then on, we've compared every couch to the comfort of that one, which feels like you're laying on a bed of feathers. We finally went in the store this weekend to browse. BIG MISTAKE because we're totally not ready to buy. But at the same time, they're running some hot deals to encourage people (like us) to buy. I guess all the snowy weather has caused a dip in their sales, too.

Anyways, onto the even crazier part than paying that much for a sofa- paying that much for a houndstooth sofa. Ugh... I'm so afraid of hating it, but I'm super attracted to it, and have been for years. I even saw a sectional in a model home that I tried to buy from them, but they wouldn't take my offer. Shucks.

So here's some cool inspiration pics that I'm showing you to 1. gain your support, and 2. make myself do what it takes to decide one way or the other (because I literally have a day to decide). I already have my mom's vote...

Love this one. Totally the color and everything I'm going for.
 Not so crazy about this one. The loose cushions make it look more shabby chic, which is not really what I'm going for.
Isn't this mustard color fun? I think the key is tight modern lines. What do you think?
 Wouldn't this be fun paired with the brown houndstooth?
And one more for the road. Since the pattern's so small, it almost takes on more of a neutral feel without feeling too boring.

That's the end of my design rant. We'll see if I chicken out or not. 


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