Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Real Estate Mondays (literally speaking)

So I've literally been spending my Mondays (and Wednesdays) for the past month or so taking the required real estate courses to become licensed. I'd consider realty a hobby right up there with redoing furniture. I love it, and I figured it was about time I did something about it. I'm really not in it so I can become some cut-throat real estate agent who sells her soul. I hope no one's in it for that reason, but rather just to be able to legally assist family and friends, and perhaps even myself.

This book is no joke and I have a whole new respect for my Realtor. Please excuse the marker that won't come off my table...guess we'll be sanding and painting that soon.

 If all goes according to plan, I'll sit for my state exam sometime in early April and get a job with a local Brokerage company. Whohoo! I'm seriously pretty pumped about this. Just like this girl is pumped to be playing in Prince Wednesday's castle!


  1. Good luck to you! I took 2 classes this past year and didn't take the exam yet as my son was getting married and I'm already working a full-time job. I've always had an interest in real estate as my dad sold real estate part-time for years and invested in a few properties. This past weekend I saw an ad with an agency and I'm seriously thinking of calling them.

    1. You should! Especially while it's still fresh in your mind. And who knows...you might like it better than your full time job!



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