Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Embellishing Old Art

My husband and I participated as vendors in the Steel City Con show in Monroeville this past weekend. It was our second time selling there. He has a huge, vintage arcade collection and does pretty well at these things. I really enjoy going along for the ride. These shows are pure entertainment. I could sit and people watch for hours. In fact, that's just what I do. And sell arcade marquees/NES games on the side. 



Anyways, this year we sat in the artist gallery across from some pretty neat artists. Directly across from us was Drew Blank. His sign said, "Drew Blank; arter writist". I immediately looked him up to see if "Drew Blank" was in fact his real name because that seemed too good to be true. He has a great inventory of kitschy, graphic art "squares". Here are some favorites we came home with.

He had such a colorful booth to look at. I found new things every time I looked. 


The second thing we came home with was something we thought was pretty clever: using old art as a new medium. I saw this old sailboat painting at a flea market the other weekend, and I was just thinking it'd be cool to repaint it with new colors and add some flare. This is what Audra did with her "Observers" painting. It was previously just a boring landscape picture, I'm sure she found laying in a pile at a local thrift store. It's nicely framed, but otherwise nothing special. She found three of these landscape paintings and proceeded to add her own flare in the form of robots (You can visit her facebook page to see the other two in the series). I'm not so much a fan of sci-fi, but I appreciate her creativity. My husband, on the other hand, was slightly obsessed, and thus, it's now hanging in our dining room (for now, at least). I think it's kind of unexpected. At first glance, you're like, "Oh, a landscape". And then, "Oh, robot explorers in a dining room". See what I mean? Not normal, huh? I could see where it almost might be offensive. Artists painting on other artist's work. But there's still something I really like about the idea. Think of all the old, boring art that might just get thrown out. It's recycling at its finest.


What do you think? Does it make you want to run out and try something with an old painting? That's what I want to do now. Thanks for the great art and a fabulous weekend, Steel City Con, we'll be back in August.

She went from this to this in 5 minutes flat. Oh the drama!

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