Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life Lately (in pictures)

 It's been a long time since I blogged last. Let me catch you up...it's been a busy season of life. And please excuse the iPhone pics. A couple of weeks ago we decided to repaint our house. It's a craftsman style bungalow, which is beautiful, but it's really boring. The siding is dirty and off white, the columns on the front porch are brown. The brick is sort of this ugly red, orange. Nothing really highlights the architectural features of this house. So we're painting.
Here's the inspiration photo below. Granted this is a different house, I feel like I can still pull inspiration from it. Isn't it gorgeous? Maybe I'd finally feel ok with chopping down the bushes that hide our front if it looked like this.

Here are two colors I tested below. I'm going with the bottom one. It's Downing Stone from Sherwin Williams.

 I painted that on the one day two weeks ago that we had nice weather. The next day it snowed and I booked a last minute flight to see my parents in Florida. It was 80 degrees and sunny all week.

I decided it was the perfect time to announce to the world we're expecting baby #2.

 The baby "bump" appears much faster second time around! Here we were at my favorite Cuban restaurant, Columbia, in St. Augustine.

 I love beach décor, and my mom decorates with cute starfish throughout her house. I think I'm going to try to incorporate some into my décor. Maybe it'll make me feel like I'm back in Florida.

Here's my mom "matsa" and Taliila at our favorite beach café, Lillie's.
What a wonderful week! I was supposed to be studying for my real estate exam, but that was so hard to do when I wanted to be out and soak up as much sun as possible.
When we got back home here in Pittsburgh it was a chilly 45 degrees! Welcome home, I guess.
Taliila and I drowned our sorrows in some retail therapy.  
 We scoured thrift stores (and craigslist) for a love seat for our ever-changing playroom. I swear I've rearranged this room a bajillion times. I found nothing of the sort. But I did find this awesome four-piece French provincial bedroom set. This would look awesome refinished. Too bad I'm pregnant and lifting/repainting four heavy pieces isn't really going to happen right now. So I thought I'd at least share the find. It's at St. Vincent de Paul's in Murrysville (there's a tall chest not pictured).
We ended up getting a cheapo Ikea love seat since we had such tight space requirements. I took our desk out and replaced it with our old tv console that was more narrow. The desk is now for sale on my website. $60 (approx. 40" wide).
Here's the new couch in the space. So much more room now, and there's actually a comfy place to sit while T plays.
Now you're officially caught up. I have my national exam coming up next week that once I pass I will be an official Realtor. Whohoo! We'll see if I actually like it as much as I think I will. Time will tell.
In the mean time, I've been keeping an eye on some items in the newest ayptoday.com auction to redo. Soon I'll be decorating another nursery. Fun. Fun. Fun.



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