Friday, April 18, 2014

Our New Modern Chandelier

I've been meaning to switch out our old pendant with a chandelier that had greater light coverage for our living room. Previously we had this drum shade pendant hanging over our table back when our living room was a dining room. Once we switched the two rooms, we had a super low pendant and never changed it. I'm sure no one else noticed, but it annoyed me that a. it was so small in diameter, b. didn't really match our furniture, and c. hung low as if being hung over a table-thus we had to keep our coffee table centered under it to prevent bumping your head.


I've been scouring craigslist, but I had something very specific in mind and couldn't find anything.
Today at Lowes while picking up some furniture wax for another project, I wandered into the lighting section. After having some really high-end lighting pieces at my store, I swore I'd never buy lights at Lowes or Home Depot again. Kinda snobby, I know, but the quality just isn't there. BUT this one chandelier's price was $97 and at that price, I couldn't pass it up. When I checked out, it actually rang up higher at $159, but I assured the guy that the sign where I got the box said $97 and took him back to show him. What a score, huh?

Last night when my husband came home we hung it. Why are these things always so much harder to install than you think it should be? In theory, it's connecting three wires and screwing in a nut, but no, it took us seasoned veterans a whole hour to get this baby in. I haven't had an arm work out this good in a year.
Anyways, here's the end result.

I have ceiling fan bulbs on it in the meantime while I find some cool Edison light bulbs to put in there. I'm thinking something like these might work.

or this one:
There's so many to choose from on this website, but I think I like these two best (they have to have a skinny base, so that limits my options).

Next week we get our new couch in. I'll probably put this leather couch on my website for sale. Also for sale: the lovely black and white drum shade pendant- currently still for sale at Lowes for $99. We're asking $60.  


  1. It looks stunning. I love that it's a modern redesign of such a classic shape, like the candlelit chandeliers in medieval castles.

  2. Thank you for posting that content…I was looking for amazing and classic shape candlelit like this…I found it quiet interesting.



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