Monday, June 16, 2014

Moroccan Tile Backsplash: Do or Don't?

We're getting measured for our countertops this Friday. YAY!  I'm going simple- white quartz. It's supposedly more durable and less maintenance than granite. It's also only $39/sqft including installation (thank you Y&Q from the Strip District). Anyone found anything cheaper than that?
Side story, my mom had a jar of olive oil out on her counter. Olive oil inevitably leaks over the edges and left a ring mark on her granite that would not come out! Just beware. She now corrals her oils on a tray...looks nicer that way anyways.
So with simple, white countertops my thought process is do I want to splurge on a backsplash? My little, design heart says, "Yes"!
Let me bring back a photo I cited a while ago when I first talked about mix-matching appliances. It happens to have this adorable (yet slightly muted) Moroccan-inspired backsplash.
image via
So my thought process goes like this:
a. I love this kitchen.
    b. I love Moroccan tile.
             c. I should probably go for it. 

Don't all of you make decisions like this? :)
Here's some samples I've found. 
A simple basket-weave tile. 
 A nice, geometric pattern. 
 And my favorite, flowered design. 
can't find the source of this image for the life of me, and I really like it. Sad. 
Also under consideration, a lattice design to mimic our new rug that I found at Big Lots, which happens to be the same rug at Target, but for much less! 
rug via Target 
I know that for resale purposes I'm risking a lot by doing something so taste-specific. But with our decision to stay in our house for a while, I really want to make it my own, not with someone else in mind. Thoughts?


  1. Do what makes you happy! If you go basic and "safe" you'll regret it. Remember you have to look at it everyday. You have great taste... Someone will love it when it comes time to sell.

  2. Found the tile you were liking but couldn't find, which I like too!

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